Thursday, 24 May 2007

Training obstacles in a send away

Andy and Kizzy have been practising the obstacles individually and have now started to put some together in a line. The sequence is tunnel, tyre and jump wings.

Andy is trying very hard (and mostly failing) not to lunge forward as he sends Kizzy. This is something he knows he shouldn't be doing but finds very difficult not to. It's a bit like an affliction! He has exactly the same problem when trying to release Murphy off contacts, he just can't help lunging. We keep telling him Murphy doesn't need any encouragement but he does it anyway!

The most important thing is that both Andy and Kizzle are enjoying training together!


  1. Well done Kizzy and Andy, that is a very nice sendaway!! Strong foundation!!

  2. thats brilliant Andy and Kizzy, I do know how you feel, Andy I need to staple my feet to the ground too :0)))) karen x

  3. WOW! go Kizzy go! And look at Andy showing off how well they play tuggie together - nice one!

  4. Considering how far Kizzy is running in a straight line; she will probably do well on all the courses that I hate! haha