Saturday, 26 May 2007

Supa Dogs - Day One

We had a lovely day at Supa Dogs today. Kizzy played and trained round the rings and had her ears trimmed by Berndatte. Natz took Becky round the trade stands and Abbey had a lovely play with Miranda's four shelties.

Murphy and Andy had a couple of near misses. If only they could get a clear round, they'd probably get a top 3 place at the same time!

My runs came thick and fast and I had to constantly swap between Poppy and Niamh. As always one or other of them suffers as I try to switch between the two dogs. Today was poor Poppy's turn and we collected 3 E's out of 3 runs. Really bad. Pops was great but I messed up.

I totally missed walking one of Niamh's classes and should have run no. 2. Don't ask how I managed this (well, I thought the run was on Sunday's list!) I asked Debbie, the judge, if I could run and she was very happy for me to do so - what a nice judge! Naturally I couldn't walk the course and there was one tricky three-jump combination after the weaves which gave me concern and that's were I got it slightly wrong, pushing Niamh back over a jump she'd already taken. I kept flowing and she completed the round well. We then had an E in our Grade 4-7 agility, just lack of experience (and training my push offs on contacts). Then in our Grade 5 jumping we achieved a clear round at the end of the class and went into 2nd place, where we remained I am pleased to say!

We were supposed to be camping at the show but had a lot of work to finish in the office on Friday and just couldn't get the caravan ready in time. With that and now getting involved in stuff connected with our house move something had to give. I will probably go back for a couple more days at Supa Dogs but maybe not tomorrow and Monday due to the weather forecast!


  1. niamh is working brilliantly Nancy, well done on your 2nd well deserved karen and todd xx

  2. Well done Nancy & Niamh! 2nd this time, next time would be FIRST!! Carry on with the good work!

  3. Gr8 2 C U 2 girls in action - you look so smooth and casual Nancy :)