Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A Sheltie's Rightful Place & Stuff

Kizzy likes a morning cuddle. This morning it was my turn to make the tea so Andy got the cuddle. Naturally the collies weren't impressed!

When I got back downstairs Niamh had installed herself in the chair as protest. The dogs are not allowed in those chairs under any circumstances, a fact she is well aware of but decided to over rule!

On Sunday I did a training day at Polly's which was great fun. We worked on courses in the morning and then did workshop stuff in the afternoon. The dogs and handlers were pretty tired by the end of the session and so was I but I think we had a good time! Karen did a few bits with the Naughty Niamh and they worked really well together. Niamh kept looking at me but she stayed with Karen and had a good time. Karen did lots of clicker work with her which she loves.

We went to Vyne on Monday but didn't really enjoy it much due to the rain and slippery conditions. Andy scribed most of the day and decided not to run Murphy as he was fairly early in his classes and the conditions weren't too good. I ran Poppy in one class that was nice and flowing but didn't run her in anything twisty. Niamh ran all three of her classes but slipped in two of them and then made one mistake in her third class which was totally my fault as I had missed walking the course and didn't get one angle onto a jump from a collapsible tunnel quite right. She worked the class brilliantly with the best contacts we've achieved in competition. So all in all I was very happy but it would have been nice to have had one clear from the three runs!

Kizzy had plenty of time round the rings and met up with Bernadette and lots of other friends. She was very tired by the end of the day. Abbey didn't enjoy the day and refused to eat her food all day long which is always a worry as she is likely to have problems if her stomach gets empty. Because it was so wet she didn't get out much and she really doesn't like being stuck in the car all day. Luckily she was fine when we got home but I don't think we'll do any more day shows when the weather is wet.

We're off to Ardingly today to help set up the Tunbridge Wells show for the weekend. Andy has to mark out all the rings and stake them out. Then we have to help with the equipment when it arrives on Thursday. Sadly the weather isn't looking good but I guess we'll just have to get on with it!

Rain Cloud Umbrella Rainy

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  1. Was a brilliant training day and I loved working the naughty one for a while she is def. not NAUGHTY !! but very good !! see you at tunbrige for puppy play karen and Todd xxx