Sunday, 31 December 2006

Another busy day

Another busy day for Kizzy. She had friends to visit in the morning and then my brother Dan and his partner Mac came after lunch. Kizzy played most of the afternoon with Dan and Mac and they were very impressed with her tugging! They brought a present with them for Kizzy (a woolly lamb) because she doesn't really have many toys as you'll see from the photo!

Her clicker training is going well and Andy has to make himself stop as she'd go on and on .. and on...... She absolutely loves playing and training.
She slept in until 7.00 am this morning, she's a little angel and a total time waster!

Saturday, 30 December 2006


Just had to post this photo. Kizzy loves her bed and her big grey dog - he moves into her night time kennel with her. Whenever she wants to sleep she snuggles up to him!

A trip to Lewes

Kizzy went to bed a little later last night as we sat up to watch a film. This morning we woke her at 7.00 am but think she would have slept on if we hadn't got up! Yesterday was busier than expected as Andy and Kizzy spent about an hour with our next door neighbours as well as the visit to the vet and a small tour of our local pet wholesalers!

Today Andy took Kizzy to Lewes to collect her new car kennel. Whilst they were there they did a tour of Homebase and met lots of people and children.

She has had a good training session today with the clicker and now stands on her box with both front feet and now turns just as well to the right as the left. She will do both left and right on vocal command only if required. Andy is continuing her shake paw trick as well. She sits for her food at meal times and her appetite is improving on a daily basis.

This afternoon Kizzy visited Andy's office with her new friend Poppy. Poppy is the gentlest of our collies and the friendliest. The others are in turn ignoring or having a little grumble at Kizzy but Poppy can always be trusted to be kind towards other dogs and puppies. The office is actually in our house but Kizzy hadn't explored it up until today.

Friday, 29 December 2006

Kizzy's first night in her new home

Kizzy was a little angel last night. She had her last playtime at 10.45 pm and we put her in her new night time kennel just before 11.00 pm. She made a few little cries (about six) which we ignored and then settled down to sleep. At 6.30 am this morning Andy went downstairs as he was worried because we'd heard nothing. Kizzy was sitting in her bed yawning so he'd woken her by going downstairs. She had slept right through all night without a peep and her kennel was clean!

Today she's going to the vet for her first jab and then on to visit my Mum and stepfather. Later we're going to visit our young neighbour Zoe, hopefully we'll get some photos!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

First day home for Kizzy

We were up bright and early today as we'd arranged to collect Kizzy from Bernadette of Obay Shelties at 9.00 am. We didn't sleep much last night as we were too excited! For once we jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. We arrived at 9.00 am and spent a lovely hour with Kizzy at Berndatte's having a good play and getting some sheltie tips! I had a lesson in grooming (uumm, shouldn't that have been Andy!?!)

The play time was a great idea, Kizzy slept the whole way home! We introduced her to the other dogs and put her in her new play pen. She immediately started to play with her new toys and settled in very quickly. She wasn't very hungry though and didn't eat much lunch.

This afternoon Mary, Dave and Ozzie (Kizzy's litter brother) came for a visit. The two pups were very pleased to see each other and had a great time playing together. They both fell asleep in Kizzy's bed but then had another good play before Mary and Dave headed home. Hopefully this tired out Ozzie ready for his journey home to Rugby.

Kizzy has eaten some of her dinner and collapsed in her new bed for a good sleep. She has had a lovely day and we are so delighted with her, thank you to Bernadette for letting us have her.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

RIP Molly 14.11.94 - 25.7.06

We lost our beloved Molly in July 2006, aged 11. She was a very special girl and is much missed.

Meet Kizzy arriving on 28/12/06

Kizzy will be joining our family on Thursday 28th December. She is a gorgeous tri-colour sheltie from Obay Shelties. We cannot wait to bring her home.

Meet our canine family

From left to right: Poppy (9½), Abbey (12½), Murphy (5), Becky (6½) and at the front Niamh (2½).