Saturday, 30 December 2006

A trip to Lewes

Kizzy went to bed a little later last night as we sat up to watch a film. This morning we woke her at 7.00 am but think she would have slept on if we hadn't got up! Yesterday was busier than expected as Andy and Kizzy spent about an hour with our next door neighbours as well as the visit to the vet and a small tour of our local pet wholesalers!

Today Andy took Kizzy to Lewes to collect her new car kennel. Whilst they were there they did a tour of Homebase and met lots of people and children.

She has had a good training session today with the clicker and now stands on her box with both front feet and now turns just as well to the right as the left. She will do both left and right on vocal command only if required. Andy is continuing her shake paw trick as well. She sits for her food at meal times and her appetite is improving on a daily basis.

This afternoon Kizzy visited Andy's office with her new friend Poppy. Poppy is the gentlest of our collies and the friendliest. The others are in turn ignoring or having a little grumble at Kizzy but Poppy can always be trusted to be kind towards other dogs and puppies. The office is actually in our house but Kizzy hadn't explored it up until today.

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  1. Thanks for the updates - she looks like she really has settled in! Love, Johanna & Tazz