Thursday, 21 August 2008

Very quick update

We're back and I need a holiday to recover.

We had a great time but it was exhausting for us and the dogs. I am going to do a full update but haven't the time now as we're off again for another weekend of agility. We are truly mad!

Very briefly, Kizzy was a little star and came home with a ton of rosettes and trophies. She got into both the finals but unfortunately blew out in the KC final but more than made up for it by winning the one at Dogs in Need.

Naughty Niamh and I qualified for Olympia (way beyond my dreams) and she also qualified for the British Open at the KC Festival and came 6th overall - I think she was possibly the only G6 dog in the final. She's a very special girl and I so love running her.

Loads more to report and some videos to do when we get back from the weekend at Dordale.

Meantime here are a couple of pictures of our two little stars!

Naughty Niamh and Nancy after qualifying for Olympia
(thanks Dennis for the picture)

Super Kizzle after winning the DINAS Small Novice Final with Andy and judge Nigel Staines