Friday, 29 December 2006

Kizzy's first night in her new home

Kizzy was a little angel last night. She had her last playtime at 10.45 pm and we put her in her new night time kennel just before 11.00 pm. She made a few little cries (about six) which we ignored and then settled down to sleep. At 6.30 am this morning Andy went downstairs as he was worried because we'd heard nothing. Kizzy was sitting in her bed yawning so he'd woken her by going downstairs. She had slept right through all night without a peep and her kennel was clean!

Today she's going to the vet for her first jab and then on to visit my Mum and stepfather. Later we're going to visit our young neighbour Zoe, hopefully we'll get some photos!

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