Sunday, 31 December 2006

Another busy day

Another busy day for Kizzy. She had friends to visit in the morning and then my brother Dan and his partner Mac came after lunch. Kizzy played most of the afternoon with Dan and Mac and they were very impressed with her tugging! They brought a present with them for Kizzy (a woolly lamb) because she doesn't really have many toys as you'll see from the photo!

Her clicker training is going well and Andy has to make himself stop as she'd go on and on .. and on...... She absolutely loves playing and training.
She slept in until 7.00 am this morning, she's a little angel and a total time waster!

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  1. Hum.... we can see what's happeing here - Andy is spending all day with Kizzy having fun and doing lots of exciting and interesting activites. But by the time you get to write it all up on the blog she's all pooped out! Give the camera to Andy and tell him Kizzy's fans are demanding action shots plse :)
    Human Auntie Lisa!