Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year

So far 2007 has been hectic for Kizzy. Yesterday we visited my Mum's and she had a lovely time in the garden and tried her best to move the hearth rug to the middle of the sitting room. Then we went for a long dog walk and Andy carried her round, she enjoyed it but wanted to get on the ground. She met some children in the play area on the way back to the car and they loved her.

Today she's been to visit more neighbours, had a play session in the garden (see picture especially for aunty Lisa!), a clicker training session and then another huge play in the sitting room. Her energy levels seems to have risen.

She is still being a really good puppy at night and sleeps right through and her kennel is clean. We can't believe it, we've never had such a good puppy in that respect. She 'talks' all the time. She makes little puppy noises when she's having a cuddle and when she's in her pen playing by herself. This is much nicer than barking! Maybe that will come later .........

1 comment:

  1. GR8 photos - thank you :)
    Look how cute she is now!
    When i first got Chi at 8 weeks he was house trained, it must be an Obay trait.
    The little noises are Sheltie noises and are part of what makes a Sheltie a Sheltie! Ask Bernadette about it.