Monday, 29 January 2007

Kizzy's busy weekend

We had a lovely weekend, apart from having to do some work in the office on Saturday for both Andy and I and then Andy on Sunday afternoon!

On Saturday we visited Bernadette and Dennis and had a lovely afternoon which included munching on very tasty pizza! Kizzy played in the garden with Fat Boy which was very funny and very interesting. Fat Boy was a little overawed to begin with as he isn't used to interaction with anyone that small. Kizzy was a bit over the top and rolled him over a few times but his confidence grew and he was soon standing up for himself. They had a great time out in the garden with Kizzy rampaging all over the place and playing with Zen and Hob-b.

When it got too cold we went indoors and Fat Boy had a good sleep whilst Kizzy continued her rampage on the inside of the house. She had a wonderful time. She did some of her party tricks and Bernadette gave Andy a few hints and tips on his clicker technique which have really helped. Bernadette measured Kizzy and she was a little over 10" and is now running slightly larger than Hex was at the same age. Right, that's it, she's going back she's going to be too big ...... I don't think so!

We managed to get Kizzy to sit still long enough to take this photo with her Mum, Zen. She is so like Zen it's amazing when you see them together.

When Fat Boy woke up they had a play indoors and both got wedged in the little play tunnel, Kizzy because she's getting a wee bit too big for it and Fat Boy because ... well because he's fat!

Kizzy was exhausted when we got home and just played very gently in her play pen that evening. This was wonderful because we managed to watch a whole t.v. programme without interruption!

On Sunday I did a training day for Polly and was very lucky with the weather. It was good fun and seemed to go well. They're such a lovely bunch of people and dogs and it's nice that I've trained them before so you get a sense of continuity and start to get to know the dogs and handlers.

Andy came over for lunch and walked the dogs and Kizzy in Polly's field. Kizzy had lots of fuss and cuddles from everyone (especially Lynne who tried to steal her). After lunch whilst I started the second training session, Andy and Polly took Kizzy and Daisy (Polly's six month old papillon) into the garden and they had a wonderful play for over an hour. Daisy is officially Kizzy's best friend - we know that because they shared a stick!

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  1. what a brilliant piccy of kizzy and daisy, and a fantastic training session thank you very much karenxx (who cant wait till sunday to give fat boy a cuddle !!)