Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Busy Kizzy

Last night we re-started our agility training following on from the Christmas and New Year holidays. Kizzy came along in her crate and watched the big dogs and joined in vocally on occasion!

She spent most of her evening perched on Uncle Steve or Aunty Sara's laps playing with the new toy they'd bought her - Susie Spider! Steve has a nick name for Kizzy (this nasty little habit of his occurs each time we have a new puppy). My last collie pup Niamh (pronounced Neeve) was quite a big puppy and she was quickly re-named Ben Nevis, that got shortened to Ben over time. Kizzy has been christened as Pinnie, short for Pinocchio - say no more. Nasty man.

Today I took her with me to Sainsbury's and we did a tour of the car park and shop entrance. She met lots of people and was very happy to be fussed. We walked through to the bus station and spent about ten minutes there. It's very noisy and very busy with a bus arriving and leaving every minute. There were double deckers, single deckers, green ones, turqouise ones, small ones in fact every type of bus you can imagine. All of them very noisy. Kizzy wasn't scared as she was too busy being fussed by all the people disembarking and those waiting for buses. Then she waited in the car in her crate whilst I rushed round Sainsbury's getting the shopping. This is the first time she's been left for any length of time. She had Poppy and Niamh in the car for company. When I got back she was very chilled and chewing on her chewstick.

On the way home we stopped off in our local high street as I had a late Christmas parcel to post. Everything went to pot this year due to Olympia! We walked along the main street which is very busy and noisy. Lots of big lorries travel through and she cocked her head once or twice at the really big ones but was fairly chilled. We did a stop off at the pet shop where she was fussed by the owner and then on to the post office. There was quite a long queue but she was very patient and we eventually got rid of the parcel which had been sitting on the side at home since before Christmas! On the way back to the car we sat on a little wall outside the Victoria Hall (small theatre) and watched the world go by during a welcome break from all the rain we've been having. Then it was home for the longest pee in the world (Kizzy that is, not me!)

Andy has had a very busy day in the office and so hasn't had much time for Kizzy today hence my involvement. He is going to do his clicker training this evening and I'm sure she'll be well up for it as she expects attention from him and it hasn't been in abundance today!

Sorry no photos to accompany this post, rather difficult to manage with a puppy in one arm and a parcel in the other!
Have though included a new picture of Kizzy showing how much she has grown!

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  1. Thought that Steve's name for Kizzy was nicer than Terry's name for Star. He calls her the anteater! (for a similar reason!)