Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Busy Busy

Well, we've had a busy few days. Andy's work has gone mad which means as always extra work for me in the office but now it also means extra puppy care. I'm not sure about this, I get the puppy chores and he gets all the nice bits, i.e. the training and playing!!

Kizzy came to our agility training last night and sat on lots of laps and had a good time. Andy took her into see Sarah who owns the school where we train. Kizzy met Sarah's little dog MiMi (Shi Tzu) who's very sweet. Kizzy took over Sarah's kitchen by doing circles round the (large) kitchen table and then dashing into the sitting room to tug on the hearth rug. Next week Andy's going to take her treats and clicker for a visit as Sarah wants to see Kizzy doing some training. She's very interested as a trainer of dressage and was saying to Andy that a lot of people are using clicker training with horses now for all sorts of different behaviour shaping.

Kizzy has a bit of a bark when the first training class starts but then calms down and likes to watch from her crate. When she's sitting on peoples' laps her favourite thing is to watch the handlers throw the toys for their dogs at the ends of their rounds. Some of them use a ball on a rope and that's her favourite training toy so she tries very hard to jump off the laps to get the ball on a rope. This is good as she's focusing on toys more than the other dogs. Next week she'll be able to go on the floor at training school. We'll have to be very careful though!

When we got home from training we were pretty tired but Andy still had his late night play session to do. As you can see from the photos, Kizzy was well up for training but Andy was rather quiet! Sorry Bernadette still no smiles although in one of the shots I think he's doing a Frank Spencer (Michael Crawford) impression! This was the first time that Kizzy has had her training toy box on offer, normally Andy just takes one toy at a time and plays. He was so tired last night that he put the box on the floor. Within 10 seconds the box had been emptied and naturally the best toy of all was the box!

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  1. Really cute pics - she seems alot like her Mum Zen. keeping you busy then!