Friday, 5 January 2007

Busy days

No photos to post until Dave sends a couple that he took during our visit on Wednesday!!

What a busy day that was. Lots of play between Oz and Kizzy and then two brilliant training sessions with Mary. Huge learning curve for Andy and Kizzy and things are progressing well on the clicker training front! Mary is the most brilliant and intuitive trainer, we could sit and watch her for hours.

We had a lovely day with Dave and Mary and all the dogs went home exhausted.

Kizzy was very tired throughout yesterday but did wake up to receive her evening visitors (Dan & Mac!) She did a clicker training session in the sitting room in front of them which was a good experience as most of her training is done in the small sitting room without other people around.

This morning she slept in (as did we) until 7.40 am. What a luxury. She is still so good going through the night.

Some will be pleased to know that she has found her voice but so far not too much. She really barks only when she wants to play with one of the other dogs or if she sees them playing with a toy or interacting with us. We can cope with that!

Two more days of fun and then it's back to work on Monday. We will have to establish a proper day time routine. We've been leaving her for periods in her pen and she adapts well to most things so we don't anticipate major problems.

We are doing a training evening for Dartford Agility club on Monday and Dan is participating in that but not Mac, so Kizzy will attend on Mac's lap! Then on Tuesday our own training school starts up again so another new venue/experience for her.

Her little paws haven't really touched the ground! Will take some more piccies over the weekend and update the blog!

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