Friday, 26 January 2007

Today we baked a cake

Today I baked a cake and had a little bit of extra help. I hasten to add the assistance came after the cake mixture had gone in the tins and into the oven and before the bowls were washed up! Still bad practise but I couldn't resist the photo opportunity!

Kizzy has been busy today with a trip out to Edenbridge with Andy to visit a client and a nice walk in the recreation ground. She is as warm as toast in the car with her new heated pad. It's brilliant!

Tomorrow we're off to visit Bernadette, Dennis and all the shelties including of course Fat Boy. We'll hopefully get some photos while we're there. Kizzy is going to get measured so we can see how she's doing against the size charts.

Must go now, got a sheltie to groom, nails to clip and paws to trim prior to our visit to West Sussex - well Andy has!!!!

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