Friday, 19 January 2007

Office yesterday, site visits today

This morning Andy took Kizzy off to a client meeting in Chipstead. She met with the clients and they were so impressed that Andy got the job! They got home around lunch time and had their usual half hour clicker training session followed by tugging games and lunch and then it was a quick snooze and off to Edenbridge for a site visit. Andy left for his meeting early so that Kizzy could have her first proper walk.

I got a phone call to say that Kizzy has a new best friend, a Bichon Frise puppy called KiKi. She's a little older than Kizzy and was allowed off her lead. Kiz was kept on her new extender lead and Andy said he was quite dizzy from the experience as the two pups tore round and round in circles! In the end KiKi's owner had to put her back on the lead as they were getting a little over the top, plus the fact he couldn't catch his puppy!

I then got another phone call to say that things were much better now that KiKi had gone home as we were managing to walk in a nice straight line straight towards the stream. Kizzy has one of the new extra long extender leads and this is her first time out and about on it. Andy said within about 20 seconds she was straight to the end of the lead and tugging him along. She's been picking up little sticks, leaves, lumps of mud etc. When they got to the stream she watched the water flowing but Andy couldn't let her venture in as it's pretty deep and the current's strong from all the rain we've recently had. The nice thing is that each time he called her she came bombing straight back to him.

Sounds like they're having a good time. I'm stuck here doing office work that was left out for me, well and writing this update!

Tomorrow we'll get some piccies of Kizzy out and about now that she can officially go on the floor!

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