Wednesday, 24 January 2007

It's snow time

We've had some busy days recently both in doggy terms and work terms.


There's an extra item to fit into each day now that Kizzy can go out and about and that's her daily walk. She goes to our local recreation ground each afternoon and absolutely loves it. She tows Andy all the way there and then charges round meeting lots of people and dogs and generally having a good time. I went with them today and was amazed at how she really does get a good pull on her lead. We did some play recalls while we were out, she screams when Andy runs away from her (and does a couple of twists) and then tears across to him. We're very pleased with this so far.


I took a couple of photos whilst we were out but they're not very good as it was getting dark and Kiz just doesn't stay still long enough to get any good shots. That's about to change with the arrival of our new camera, we got it today on a couple of weeks' trial, it's a Nikon D100 (a digital SLR). As far as I'm concerned it's another camera just a lot more expensive! Hopefully we'll be able to get some action shots now!


We had a busy weekend with dog walks and trying to do some stuff in the garden. We had a large tree fall down in the last week's wind and our friend Jay is coming round on Saturday with a chain saw to help Andy cut it up ready for the wood burning stove.


On Saturday evening Dan & Mac came for supper and Kizzy was over the moon to see them. It's really nice that she recognises her friends and greets them. Then on Sunday evening we went to supper with Leah & Jay (yummy vegetarian roast - thanks Leah!) and of course took Kizzy with us. After supper we let her out of her crate and she had a wonderful time. She was tearing round their sitting room but Andy did manage to get her to do some trick training between her mad bouts of rabbit running, barking and playing with their Collie draught excluder 'Colin'. A bit like with our door stop collie Kizzy wasn't too sure of Colin to begin with but we soon encouraged her to touch him and that was that. He got severely beaten up and dragged round Leah's sitting room. Quite a feat considering he's three times the size of Kizzy. I think Leah enjoyed herself as much as Kizzy, I'm not quite sure which of them got the more excited playing that evening!!


Last night Kizzy came again to training but this time she was allowed on the floor. She was totally unfazed as usual and trotted off with Andy to see our landlady Sarah who wanted to see her in action doing some of her tricks. She performed her complete repertoire in Sarah's kitchen which Andy was really pleased about as there were lots of distractions including Sarah's dog Mimi. Then she came back into the school and Andy did some training with her while I was teaching an agility class. He was delighted with her concentration level considering what else was going on.
It was very cold in the school last night so today we bought her a Snugglesafe pet warmer to put under her bedding in her crate when we take her training. They're quite expensive but brilliant. You heat them up in the microwave and they retain heat for anything up to 8+ hours.


Will hopefully post some brilliant pictures anytime soon!

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