Sunday, 14 January 2007

Kizzy Update

Kizzy has had a busy few days with lots of little outings to busy places and plenty of training and play.

She had a bit of a hyperactive turn on Thursday. The day was very busy with the visit to Sainsburys etc. and she didn't get her proper afternoon sleep. She was a monster in the evening and just wouldn't stop racing around her pen. When we took her out to the toilet patch she was tearing around and biting our trousers. She tends to do this but in a fun way, on this occasion she was manic. She eventually fell into a deep sleep at 11.00 pm and the slept in until 8.00 am the following morning.

We've had a chat with Bernadette and the consensus is that we need to put her into her indoor kennel a little more often (rather than just her play pen). This will also help with her toilet training which needs a little practise yet! It's really improved since using the indoor kennel more during the day.

On Friday she went out on site with Andy and had a visit with one of his clients at their home. Then it was onto Uncle Jim for her second vaccination. Jim also wormed her which she really didn't much care for! That evening she was very off colour, so much so that we phoned Jim at about 7.30 pm to ask if this was usual. It wasn't an allergic reaction to her jab but just that she was totally out of sorts. She was overly quiet and just wanted to cuddle up on our laps. Jim was his usual calm self and told us to keep an eye on her and call him back at 10.00 pm (or sooner if we were concerned). By 10.00 pm we decided that she was improving. We rang Jim to confirm this and he said if we were at all concerned to set our alarm for sometime after midnight and if we had any doubts to call him and bring her straight down. He's a wonderful vet and sees our dogs at anytime day or night. We've even been down to him on Christmas day in the past.

By Saturday morning she was absolutely fine and full of life again. What a relief. So in the afternoon we took her into Tunbridge Wells as we had a few bits to get in town. I had her in my arms whilst Andy popped in and out of various shops. She was fussed by lots of passers-by and also had several encounters with a very noisy pavement vacuum (including a fuss by the guy pushing this around!) She soon got used to it and didn't bat an eyelid.

Andy has started to train her to roll over and that is really coming on well. She performed it this afternoon when Dan & Mac came to visit. She is also going into a big dog bed on command (using the clicker of course!) Her circus elephant trick is really coming on well. She now rotates the whole way round her little tub. She still needs some help from Andy but not much and she'll soon be doing the whole piece for herself.

We groom her every day and she's pretty good now. She doesn't much like her head and neck being held or groomed so we've been working on that. Today was a break through as she actually stood calmly to have her neck and ears brushed. She has her feet wiped every time she's been out and is beginning to offer her front paws. She doesn't have a dog towel but a large e-Cloth which works brilliantly for her.

Sorry no photos. I'm struggling to get pictures as she moves so quickly. This has given Andy the perfect excuse to buy another camera. He has a mate who's a professional photographer and his partner is selling a rather nice camera which she's only used once or twice. It's a proper camera so I'm told. What I'd like to know is what's an improper camera? Will post some more piccies soon!

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