Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Training Evening

We did a training evening for the Dartford Club last night. It was very tiring but great fun as they're such a nice bunch of people and dogs.

Kizzy came along in her crate and had a good socialising session with people in the break. She was totally unfazed by the evening despite the noise which was quite something! We had two separate groups going and the noise was non-stop and pretty loud! We can't wait for the time when she can go on the ground in these sort of places, only a couple of weeks to go!

Tonight we re-start training at our own school and she'll be coming along to watch. We have a lovely venue where she can be amongst it all but from the safety of her crate which she seems to love. She always travels with Wilson, that's her favourite snuggle toy. He's named after the ball from the film Castaway with Tom Hanks (don't ask me why though!)

Wilson is the grey dog on the left. Kizzy is in the middle and that's Sheepey on the right (a present from Dan & Mac)

Andy is working hard on Kizzy's tugging, she's getting stronger all the time and really loves this game. The nice thing is that she'll tug on whatever toy you choose. Her preference is for her ball or knot on a rope, followed by her chicken with rope legs and then the fleecey tugs. We try to mix it up so that she's happy to tug on almost anything. I also play this game with her as we want her to tug happily with people other than Andy. Andy does all her clicker training and feeding though.

Kizzy tugging on her knot on a rope in her morning play session.

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