Friday, 2 February 2007

What have we been up to this week?

Time just seems to fly by. We can't believe Kizzy is three months old this week! We are very busy with work at the moment so everything is having to cram into what seems very little time.

On Tuesday Kizzy came to agility training and had a good time. While I take the first class Andy does quite a bit of training with her in the school. She does her usual bits and pieces, circus elephant trick and turns etc. and this week Andy took her into a quiet corner and practised her target training on the lead. She has progressed to a clear piece of plastic and is doing this on lead, dragging Andy to the target. The process is shaping up really well (thanks Bernadette for some good tips!) She really is a focused little dog, she likes to watch the big dogs doing agility but when you ask her to play tug or do some training she's straight into it and ignores everything else going on.

Andy has only managed one walk with Kizzy this week due to work commitments but it was a nice walk in a different park. She went out to a survey with Andy and then they stopped off at Langton recreation ground on the way home.

On the other days I've been walking Kizzy. On Wednesday I took some time away from the office and told Andy I'd be back within forty minutes (he was waiting for me to help with some technical notes for a drawing) and an hour and a half later I got back! I was in deep trouble! It's so difficult to keep Kizzy's walks within a set time span. For instance, on this day I walked out of our driveway and bumped straight into a neighbour who was walking her old golden retriever so we stopped for a chat and a socialise. Whilst we were doing that out little neighbour Zoe came running out with her friends to see Kizzy (it was Zoe's birthday) but unfortunately Zoe fell down and cut her knee so only her friends played with Kiz. We then managed to progress to the recreation ground where we met some friends who have two westies. One is old and grumpy and he told Kizzy off which she took in her stride but the younger one Angus is very friendly and they had a bit of a game. Then on the way home we met a woman with her son and their year old schnauzer called Ozzie. He was a bit too big for Kizzy to run with but they had a good game on the end of their leads with Kizzy soon taking over as she tends to do! Then walking home we met another person with two small children so had to stop for a fuss and finally on the way back to our we had to stop off to visit our next door neighbours for a visit. Ellie is the little girl who lives next door and she likes to see Kizzy and is going to do a picture of her for Andy.

So you see, it's very difficult to fit all of that into forty minutes!

On Wednesday evening we met Dan and Mac at the pub for a drink and a meal. Kizzy stayed in for the whole evening and really enjoyed herself, especially when she got a chip at the end of our meal. She also likes Harvey's Best as you can see! She was a little over tired when we got home though and was rather hysterical. This always happens if she doesn't get her mid-evening nap.

This 'naughty' behaviour followed on into Thursday, she was very active and Andy had to keep stopping work to check her as she was a little over the top in her crate. Usually I deal with her during working hours but I was out most of the day visiting my mum and then my friend Jean who's recently come out of hospital and then onto the dentist for the first treatment to root fill a tooth. Not pleasant and it's still hurting as I write this.

On Thursday after I got back from the dentist I took Kiz for her walk. We did a different walk today and instead of going straight to the recreation ground we walked down to the woods and through the fields. She enjoyed this and took in the new scenery without fuss. We're very lucky as we can walk for miles from home but some of it is a little muddy at this time of year. Kizzy trotted along behind me all the way through the woods and fields and when we walked up the lane and into the recreation ground some 30 minutes later it was an amazing transformation - she stood, looked around and you could see her thinking 'I know this place' and she was then zooming off ahead of me straight to the end of her extender lead. I'm going to take her to the woods again today to see if I get that sort of reaction now that she knows where she's going. On the way home our next door neighbours but one, Bob and Enid, were out in their front garden doing some tidying and so we had to have a visit. Enid loves our dogs and knows each one by name and is very keen to follow Kizzy's progress. Today wasn't so bad as I was only out for just over an hour!


  1. Kizzy is much too young for alcohol!I will have to take her back I think!

  2. Just like her mother - lush at an early age!!