Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Quick update

Haven't been posting on the blog just lately as we have rather a lot on our plates at the moment.

Out of the blue my Mum was taken seriously ill just over a week ago. She was moved to Kings College Hospital in London and has been in ITU on life support since last Friday and it's very difficult to find out the prognosis. Going back and forth to the hospital is a nightmare but luckily my brother and sister and I are trying to share this between us. It's so upsetting to sit with her as she is unconscious and completely unaware of anything and there seems to be a thousand tubes and wires everywhere.

Just thought I'd put a post on to let those interested know that Kizzy is fine and doing well. She has huge energy levels and we're trying hard to keep up with her training but at the moment everything has to take a back seat.

Hopefully will take some more pictures or video and do a better post soon.

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  1. Thinking of you at the moment and hopeing things get better for you and your family.