Saturday, 10 February 2007

Sheltie Fun Time

Today Kizzy met up with Fat Boy (aka Todd) and Bernadette and our friend Mandy and her sheltie puppy, a gorgeous merle called Kodie. All three had a wonderful time in Aunty Sue's sand school I gather the shelties enjoyed themselves too!

My best friend Poppy told me you have to climb on this thing. Yes, but you're not supposed to come on from the side - that's just dumb.

Look, I'll show you how to do it properly - it's so easy when you know how.

This is my circus elephant trick.

Yeah, well I can do it better.

You two are just showing off, my sit is far better than your tricks!

Look out I'm coming through
Yep, me too

Yes but I'm the fastest I was out before he clicked the button on the camera!

I coming to get you
I'm still coming to get you

Now let's both get him !


  1. Great photos! I want that one of the Fat Man on Kizzy's box. Who knew that getting him to stand on something would be good for photo opportunities! Sorry we missed you Nancy!

  2. Gr8 pics!
    Looks like FB is having a P on that A frame - lol! (laugh out load)