Tuesday, 6 February 2007

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On Friday our friend Andy came round to drop in a couple of pictures he'd taken of Kizzy. They are fantastic quality. He brought one of his little boys with him. Here's a couple of photos of Kizzy with her visitors. She enjoyed playing with Theo and generally showing off.

We had a good weekend. Niamh and I went on a training day taken by Toni Dawkins on Saturday. It was really good fun and we came away with some great ideas. We were so lucky with the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. Niamh absolutely loves training and is a bit of a clown really. She is a handful when other dogs are working as she has a very strong eye and unless I do things with her she really pulls me trying to get out there with the other dogs. I try to keep her occupied but some of the time I want to watch what's going on and see what the instructor is showing other people to do etc. Then she has to wear her headcollar which she isn't keen on! When it's her turn she has eyes only for me, sometimes I wish she'd look where she was going a bit more!

Andy came along too and Kizzy had another lovely afternoon at Polly's playing with Daisy, socialising and doing some training. We were all tired at the end of a really nice day.

On Sunday we took Kizzy for her first outing to Ashdown Forest. It's a gorgeous place and we decided it was time to take her with our other dogs for the first time. As they can be a little on the lively side we set off on our usual big circular walk in opposite directions. Andy took Kizzy with Murphy and Becky who are really good on their own and I took my three. Niamh needs a good twenty minutes to calm down! By the time we met up in the middle all the dogs had settled and Andy did an about turn and we finished the walk together. Kizzy loved it on the forest and towed Andy along on her extender lead. Andy has started to work on his recalls and he did a lot of that on the forest using the clicker and treats. Kiz responded really well so we have made a good start.

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