Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kizzy's Training & our House Move

Andy took Kizzy down to Bernadette's yesterday and came home enthused. They both had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

He has a clear plan of action for her training over the next few weeks and is really looking forward to getting stuck in.

For the time being Kizzy is going to withdraw from her weekly class at our training school so that Andy can really work on getting her to pay full attention to her tugging rather than eye balling the other puppies and going off to play with her friend Daisy.

We will be bringing home one of our rigid tunnels to put in the garden so that he can use that for practise using clicker training. Kizzy loves the clicker and it was well worth spending all the time getting her clicker trained in the early days.

Our house move has come a step closer. We exchanged on the sale of our own property yesterday and hope to exchange on our purchase later this week. We are still awaiting the return of one local search. I just can't believe how long the local authority takes to provide this information. It isn't rocket science but they certainly like to take their time. So, at the moment we are officially homeless. I might have to ring my Dad to ask if we can park our caravan in his paddock!

We have Vyne coming up next weekend. It is going to be a huge show which I find a bit daunting. I'm always afraid of missing walking courses and to be honest with all the numbers (rather than class names) now involved find the whole thing even more confusing! We're scribing for one of our club members, Becca, for her first judging appointment so we won't get to see many people or even each other's runs which is a pain. We might be asking Bernadette and Dennis to have Kizzy for a little bit of time - maybe not, don't want her learning to bark too much!!


  1. Will be available at Vyne to babysit as we are camping and I only have hex to run! boo hoo

  2. Good Luck wiht the house stuff.
    O! And Andy, don't forget your doggie homework book :)

  3. good luck with the move karenx