Monday, 28 May 2007

Rain, rain, rain

Well, we're certainly paying for the lovely April we had!

We were booked in for Supa Dogs yesterday and today but it was just too wet. We don't much like dogs shows in the rain. Spoke to Jackie this morning and she said her garden was under water in Suffolk. It's just so depressing at the moment. I know its good for the garden and for the reservoirs but enough is .........

So, instead we have done some more packing for the move and have outed four black sacks of clothes for the charity shop. Andy tied up a tree in the garden that was on the lean and also planted three little shrubs which have been sitting in pots for a few weeks. The up side is the ground is very easy to dig at the moment and the shrubs won't need any watering in!

I gave Kizzy, Poppy and Abbey a good groom. Look out Niamh, Murf and Becky - your turn later!

Dan sent me some nice piccies of Niamh in action at Supa Dogs on Saturday so I've put them into a little montage.

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