Saturday, 19 May 2007

BATS Agility Show

We had a lovely day out at BATS today.

We met up with Jackie and Terry who we haven't seen since Easter which was nice. Steve was there with his poorly foot which meant that Sara had ten runs with the dogs (Dan couldn't run Aggie as he was at Eastbourne show in order that he could leave in time to get back for the Cup Final oh and getting more rosettes!) Tomorrow will be a good day for Mac as Chelsea won but not such a good day for Karen as Chris supports Manchester United. Oh dear!

Agility-wise. Pops got 8th in the collies Helter Skelter. She really enjoyed herself and gave it some wellie. Sadly Niamh and I blew our KC Olympia novice qualifier as we had fence number 3 down. Tears- this is the class I so want to do well in but seem to muck up! We had a place in our jumping class but got the big E in the helter skelter which I was rather pleased about as Niamh took her own line and didn't listen to me! Hurrah! I want her to start doing this a bit more!!

Murphy had only one pole down in the helter skelter but was bad bad bad in the G6/7 agility. Pops however, was brilliant but I gave her the wrong command at the jump/tunnel combination and she went in the wrong end of the tunnel, totally my fault. It was a shame as she worked a quite difficult course really well; picking up a completely flat weave entry without me and doing three really tight pull throughs. I was rather cross with myself to say the least! Notwithstanding, Andy was crosser moreso with me than Murphy which makes a change!!

The non-workers (Abbey & Becky) also had a lovely day out as there is so much space to walk at the venue. They had two walks each and are now upside down in their beds.

Kizzy - well, what can I say. She stomped round the rings, she walked, she played, she tugged and then she slept all the way home. We looked forward to a peaceful evening watching 'Joseph' (I know, sad but we like it!), how could we be so stupid ... all evening Kizzy rampaged and at 9.45 pm became rather spiteful so has just been put in her bed for the rest of the evening whilst we watch the 'Jospeh' result (sad I know but I've already been there!) Oh dear. Daniel went out, he was rather good and I hoped he would stay in a bit longer!

Here is a little video of Kizzy playing with Tickle the poodle who belongs to our friend Kate Smith and also includes a bit Kizzy 'tugging' by the ringside. This was an item of homework Andy had from Bernadette and with lots of practise it has definitely improved! The proof of the pudding though will be on Monday when Andy and Kizzy go for their next lesson!

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  1. yes just soooooooooo pleased that Chelsea won made my day lol lol kx