Thursday, 17 May 2007

New ways to keep your sheltie small

Kizzy is getting very close to the maximum height for small dogs. In truth she is most likely going to be a small medium.

However, it doesn't stop us using various measures to try to keep her small. This is Kizzy's night time crate and we make her squash into her small plastic sheltie bed which is really too small now (but she loves it still!) During the day we make her walk round with a large bag of flour tied to her back and squash her into a shoe box for a few hours each day. We make sure there are sufficient air holes. I jest of course!

Kizzy will be perfect whatever size she ends up! We are, naturally, completely biased on the subject of Kizzles but like to think we're quite subtle about it .........



  1. what a good idea !!!!! I think the Todd man could do with some of this special treatment too he he
    karen xxxx

  2. Uncle Tony says he has a blunt hack saw you could use to shorten her legs if needs must!! Just don't tell Grandma she may go for a repossession order - on both of us!

  3. What a brilliant idea! Do you think it is too late to try on Sing?