Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A lovely walk in the forest

Between us we had a really busy day today. We had a lot on in the office and also I had stuff to do to get ready for Supa Dogs; two sets of toe nails and feet to trim (the other four I did yesterday, makes it less tedious if you spread it over a couple of days!); a mountain of ironing plus a visit to see Mum (who was a lot happier in herself today, thankfully).

We decided to do a late dog walk and get back in plenty of time to sit and watch the Chelsea flower show. We left home at about 4.45 pm and got back at 7.00 pm! It was so lovely in the forest that we just wandered around and had a lovely time. Andy took a few photos with a new lens he has borrowed for the camera. Most of the photos weren't very successful so more experimentation required but that's the beauty of digital photography, you can do just that and delete the rubbish! Murphy was with us on the walk but isn't in the group photo, as usual he was chasing squirrels!

Kizzy really enjoyed herself. She had a busy day with two training sessions (one practising her downs and the other with her tunnel and mini tyre using a toy not tit bits!) She was very good in both sessions and progress is being made! Then she had her usual lunch time play followed by the two hour walk. When we got home the collies fell into their beds and we thought we'd settle down to watch the flower show. Kizzy decided different and insisted on engaging Andy in tuggy games mostly using his fingers as a toy! She had a little chew on a bone and then went and got her best friend 'Wilson' (her grey dog) which she isn't really allowed to play with. He's her 'crate companion'. I had left the door to her kennel open so she shot in and fetched him. It's really funny how she plays with him, she tells him off by making funny little cat-like sounds. She always does this at night when we put her to bed for about 5 minutes and she did exactly the same when she brought him into the sitting room. Anyway she then started to get hysterical and spiteful so we put her to bed and she collapsed. Knowing Kizzy she won't want to get up until about 8.00 am in the morning. She likes a good lie in after a busy day!

Here are some photos from our lovely walk.

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  1. wow, what a lovely forest and gorgeous pictures of all the girls karen and Todd xx