Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Mud, mud, mud

Well, I went to Supa Dogs this morning and I turned round and came home. Liquid mud and me are not good friends. I would think they'll be towing a few units off the venue come Friday if the weather forecast proves correct. The main tracks are just liquid mud, it's not at all pleasant.

I feel really sorry for everyone, it must be horrible. From a selfish viewpoint I am just so glad we didn't take the caravan down there.

So instead we're off for a walk in the forest and then on to Sainsburys and a visit to Mum. Then it's back to the dreaded moving house tasks! I hate packing but right now it's preferable to being in a muddy field!


  1. I was feeling really bad about not being able to go to supa dogs and havin to work, but mud and me do not mix either so now I am not so sad :0))))

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