Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Chilled Sheltie

No, it's not a recipe! It's Kizzy's favourite pastime after: eating; walks; training; playing and being naughty, i.e. chilling! Unfortunately she might be doing a bit of that today as it's foul outside. Not nice for training in the garden so I think that's been cancelled!

Luckily all the dogs are really tired today as they all had a big walk yesterday when the weather was pleasant and then Kizzy, Murf, Poppy and Niamh had training last night. I think the walk might get cancelled today so instead we'll play games indoors. If it clears up then we'll do an evening walk.

This weather has to improve at some point, it's just so miserable. I feel really sorry for all the people in caravans .... and worse still tents .... at Supa Dogs. It must be really awful. Our friend Nat packed up her tent and came home yesterday. She'd had enough. She came training and then a group of us went to the pub for supper. Very nice it was too!

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  1. It's a family trait you know, the upside downess - Kizzy's rellies do the same. Ofcourse, traits like that show the quality of the gene!