Sunday, 13 May 2007

Hurrah we've exchanged on our new house

We got the call on Thursday whilst we were at Ardingly to say that the exchange had taken place on our purchase. We were so relieved and very happy. We will be moving on 4th July!

The bungalow is really nice inside, haven't got any pictures yet but lots of the garden which is lovely. There is a nice big walled garden at the back and then an archway leading to a much bigger area where we are going to put our agility equipment and do our own training plus some private lessons. Can't wait!


  1. hooray so pleased for you both,it looks really nice, but the stress of selling and buying is BAD, Todd is looking forward to some training too !!! karen who has only just dried out from today at tunbridge :0( xx

  2. Congratulations! Lovely place! I would like all the space!!

  3. Gratz! Looks fab, perfect for that garden party Grandma wants to wear her new frok to!!! roflol :)