Friday, 4 May 2007

Lovely walk in the sunshine

I took three of the dogs on a lovely walk to our local forest yesterday. It was really lovely with the sunshine and bluebells out. Kizzy had her first walk completely off lead as we had just Abbey and Becky and so things were nice and calm. We did lots of recalls for treats and she was brilliant about coming back. She really enjoyed herself and has put in a request for more walks with just these two!

Later I had to visit my step-father to check out his dogs and do a bit of housework so I took the other three with me and we went for a huge walk out in the fields at Edenbridge (the walk we'll be doing every day once we move back there). I wondered why me feet ached last night.

We had to take Kizzy to see Jim (our vet) to check out one of her canine teeth. We thought the whole puppy tooth had come out at Haslemere last weekend but it turns out that there is a sliver of puppy tooth left alongside the adult canine. Jim has told us to leave it but keep an eye on it. He's hopeful it will come out of its own accord but if he has to do anything doesn't want to touch it until the adult tooth is fully through and can't be disturbed. So now we watch and hope it falls out. Sadly it was still in place this morning!

We were very sorry to hear about Dennis and Bernadette's caravan being stolen. What a complete pain, it's not just the caravan disappearing but the fact that their weekend plans are in tatters for the time being. There are some lovely people about not!

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