Saturday, 19 May 2007

Niamh at BATS

Niamh is trying so hard and I'm trying too hard I think! I really want to get a good result in the KC novice Olympia qualifier but it just ain't happening! Today I really liked the course, there was plenty of handling but always something obvious for the dog to do. I didn't allow for the collapsible tunnel blowing up just as Niamh ran through it so she hit hurdle no. 3 a bit quicker than I anticipated and just clipped the pole. Bother 5 faults again!

I immediately went into 'training mode' but whereas with Poppy I need to hold my contacts, with Niamh I need to put in a few quick releases .... but what did Nancy 'Control Freak' Hudson do, of course she held all the contacts. I think I need therapy!

Anyway, here's a little video of the round. I think she's showing potential on the bits where she's allowed to have her head!!


  1. oh Nancy what a shame it was a lovely round too, she is going really well just a bit of bad luck
    karen x

  2. Her contacts was brilliant! I am sure you will get there one day, keep trying.