Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Earlier I was chilled, now I'm just cool

We have three dogs beds built under one of our kitchen worktops. All our dogs love these beds. Kizzy doesn't get to use them very often, normally when it's sleep time she goes in her kennel. However, this evening we gave her a bit of free time and she decided to try out all three beds ...... much to the disgust of the collies (oh and Murphy!)

As an aside, can you believe the people buying our house are going to have cupboards put here! Outrageous!

Then she decided to try out one of Abbey's most bestest squidgy beds ....

and then one of the furry beds ...

and then the stalky bed on legs ...

We had another person from a removal company come in to give us a quote today. Strangely, he was the third one to mention that they would need an extra lorry for the dogs beds in our house. Can't understand that mentality! Perhaps the new trailer will come in handy after all!!

Oh and by the way though, she saved the best bed to last!
What the hell, she's seen Niamh, Poppy and Murphy in there often enough even though dogs aren't allowed on chairs in this house!


  1. ha ha ha bedsrus!!!! xxxx

  2. Good variety of dog beds but the best one is the CHAIR!! Good sheltie!

  3. I agree with your mentality - can't ever have enough dog beds. We have beds in practically every room, beds for chilling, beds for TV watching, beds for night time the list is potentially endless..... And why on earth anyone woudl want to put cupboards in at ground lvl when you can have dog space is beyond me!