Thursday, 8 November 2007

We want to come out to play

Whilst I was working outside or should that be outside fighting a losing battle with the leaves I had four little people taking it in turns to watch!

Murphy: please can I come out to play!

Becks: I'm a bit shy but please could I come out too!

Naughty Niamh: I am not shy, I'm coming out just one more ear to squeeze through!

Kizzy: Don't forget the little one!

Abbey and Poppy refuse to play this stupid game. The others line up and take it in turns. The cat flap is never empty if we're outside and they've been left indoors. I can't have Kizzy outside when I'm raking as she just digs up the leaves and chases the rake ........ oh and barks! Bad Sheltie!

Leaf Pile


  1. ha ha ha you need Tinkerbell to help you with the cat flat "situation" and I am sure that Todd could help Tinkerbell with her mouse "situation" lmao

  2. Is this how you intend to keep Kizzy small? hehe

  3. I think you should get another couple of cat flaps so they can all see.

  4. ROFLOL!
    It's the queing up in an orderly fashion that tickles me too :)

  5. I love those pictures of them each in turn hehe! Henry is just as bad. If we are digging,cutting,chopping he is there trying to take things or join in...we had to stop going on conservation tasks after we got him as he would take burning sticks from a bonfire if we were, say, cutting down scrub....Twit. Nells would like to get into rake chasing but is being very firmly told to desist!