Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Evidence that this really does happen

This is a very rare sighting so I felt it deserved a post of its own. In case anyone can't recognise what's going on here ........ it is a MAN grooming his dog. I would like to assure readers of this blog that no man was injured during the taking of this photograph.

The result of the man effort is shown below.

Which is bigger, the pile of hair or the little Kizlet? We couldn't believe how much hair came out of Kizzy the other evening, she was already almost bald and after this grooming session, well ..... the result speaks for itself!


  1. What have you done to that sheltie! No man was injured but the sheltie is now bald!!

  2. Daddy's girl eh! It's amazing what the bond between man & dog can produce :)
    The man in our house is quite often seen bathing his dog throughout the year - well 3 times a year actually!