Thursday, 8 November 2007

Poppy Update

Lots of people have asked me for an update on Poppy so I thought I'd put something on the blog. She had and hour and a half with Sara Barnes yesterday. Sara spent half an hour watching her move and then examining her to determine exactly what where her injuries before she started treating her.

Poor little Poppy sustained quite a few injuries when she took her tumble at the weekend the most obvious being a mild ventral rotation of the right sacroiliac joint (a lot of people refer to this as putting the pelvis out of line); an injury to her medial toe which we are certain isn't fractured but probably badly bruised and lastly soreness in thoracic facets joints under T8-T11 - this last bit caused by the way she landed flat on her back. Sara said all the injuries she could find exactly added up to what I described had happened to Poppy on Sunday. I have probably not described the injuries absolutely correctly but this is my best effort from what Sara was explaining as we went along. Sara also thinks that Poppy's badly bruised (giving her the Arnica was the best thing we could have done.)

Poppy then had just under an hour of treatment on her back, hind leg muscles where she was also displaying quite a lot of discomfort (forgot to mention that). By the end of the treatment Sara was very pleased as Poppy was standing properly and the rotation of her right foot had disappeared. She needs more treatment on her facet joints but Sara is going to do that when we go back on Monday as Poppy was too sore for deep treatment, Sara just did some fairly gentle manipulations.

Poppy was so pleased to see Sara, she hasn't been for nearly five years but she knew exactly where to go and greeted Sara with a big sloppy kiss. Poppy was Sara's very first agility patient, many people have been to her since but Sara still says Poppy is her best ever patient. She just sits, stands or lays down and does everything Sara needs in order to give her the best treatment. Here is a little picture of Sara working on Poppy, you can see how chilled Pops is.

Poppy now has to have a couple of days rest as she's treatment sore and then gentle exercise by herself to make sure she doesn't stiffen up. When I see Sara next Monday we'll discuss a proper exercise regime to start bringing her back to fitness in due course.


  1. Poor Poppy, looks like she is in very capable hands, hope she feels a bit better, give her a hug from me xx

  2. Oh poor Pop, please give her a hug from us and the boys send their slobbery kisses xxx

  3. Doesn't she look like she's enjoying that massage tho :)
    Get better soon Poppy! xxx

  4. Poor old sausage. I guess we all dread things like that happening but I don't think you should feel bad that it DID happen doing agility. She loves it. And she could just as easily have damaged herself charging across a field and slipping. Anyway, I hope she is much much better now. My Pop sends licks and huffs to help her along. Hx