Friday, 2 November 2007

Progress with lots of things!

Now that the new utility room is finished we had to think about flooring. We couldn't get quarry tiles to match the kitchen so chose some different larger floor tiles. We thought perhaps we'd change the kitchen as and when we could afford to but the tiles were on a really good offer and the guy in the tile centre said that it might not be possible to match the tiles in months/years to come. So, we decided to bite the bullet and buy enough tiles to do the kitchen as well.

We (royal we - Andy) ripped up the quarry tiles and then Dennis started to lay the new ones on Monday. It took all day Monday and Tuesday and it was awful. I couldn't use the kitchen so the dogs were distributed round the house and the dust was unbelievable. It was created by chipping off the old adhesive and I've never seen anything like it. Dennis was only able to work for two days so he drafted in Colin and Josh and they worked like crazy to get it finished. It is almost done just the utility and half the kitchen to finish grouting. Al and Andy are going to do this on Sunday.

Here are some pictures of the new floor and the new utility room. Colin made himself an apron out of an old Jewson sack and much to his disgust I took a couple of pictures for the blog!

The other progress we've made is with the front boundary. All we have left to do now is tarmac part of the drive and get a new load of gravel; put the cappings on the brick pillars (I'm picking those up today) and put the fixings on the new gates. Then we're there. Hurrah!

Here are some pictures of progress to date with this little project.

And finally, progress with little Kizzle's training. I took them all for a nice walk together on Wednesday and I was very proud when little Kizzle waited at the end of the walk to be called to get into the car. I always lay my dogs down on the playing field when we get back to the car and then call them in pairs to get into the car. Today Kizzy joined in and was perfect. The first pair I called was Poppy and Niamh and Kizzy waited with the others. She was in the second pair to be called and came with Abbey and last is always Becky and Murphy. I was very impressed especially as she wasn't the first to be called. Bless!

Here they all are waiting to be called to the car. Not a very good picture as it was taken with my phone and into the sun. But, you can just about make out little Kizzle on the extreme left of the pack. What a good girl!