Thursday, 8 November 2007

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

Before coming into the office this morning I thought I'd do a bit of leaf management. It's quite a big task in this place. I collected some using the rake and then used the outdoor vacuum. I took three massive loads down to the bonfire. By the time I'd finished there were loads more where I'd left off as the trees across the road decided to offload a few more. At the weekend we'll have to get up the ladder to clear out the gutters as they're absolutely full. We have leaf guards but the leaves are just laying on top of these in places up to 3 inches deep!

Agility in the leaves, there are loads more to come off the oaks trees yet. Now that the colours are becoming duller I just wish they'd hurry up and fall then we can have one good clear up!

The weeping willow is sobbing never mind weeping!

Still some nice colours in the back garden and plenty more leaves to fall!

By the time I'd cleared the alley way at one end it was filling up with more leaves, I think I'll wait until the oak tree opposite has finished shedding before I do any more clearing up!

To be fair the people we bought the house from told us we would have quite a bit of work come the Autumn so we were sort of prepared but even so ...... this is just amazing!

Raking Leaves


  1. Cause I am Too Stingy lol to hire a skip I have done 6 dump runs (green recylcle runs before you all start shouting at me !) and still have a good few more, I have just brough a leaf blower that Todd thinks is just fab to bark and attack :0))

  2. I can understand this leaves management as we have an old willow tree, maybe a hundred year old willow and this is the time that I would cry. The minute I thought I have finished clearing up the leaves and turn around to see they are more!! Also with the leaves, it is very hard not to miss clearing up the dog mess too!

    You were lucky that your previous owner told you you will have some work but our previous owner just left us without a word and the worst thing is the willow tree leaves will fill up the pond as well as the garden!

  3. kicking up leaves on a loverly dog walk is one thing........
    Now i'm not envying you your garden :)

  4. Hmm. This makes me think of a colleague who, having just moved into her new home in a leafy part of Wimborne, complained to me that the oak tree abutting their garden had a lot of leaves on it and were they likely to fall off?...I pointed out what 'deciduous' means....We are ignoring the leaves falling in ours at the moment as long as we can til there are so few to come off..Maybe by Christmas the 'drop' will have finished. But it is a pain trying to clear up dog poo! And it must affect your training area use.