Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sleepy Heads

Our lot tend to hibernate when the weather is horrible - which it certainly is at the moment. Here are some pictures of them doing their third favourite thing. It comes third only to eating and going for walks and in Kizzy's case it comes fifth after training and playing! When it gets cold at night Abbey and Poppy like to be tucked up as you can see. Frequently we wake up in the morning and they're still tucked up under their little blankets. They are a right little pair of spoiled brats Andy likes to tell me. I've no idea why?

Mummy's little angels tucked up for the night!

Becky snuggled in her squidgy bed (well actually it's Abbey's bed, Andy doesn't buy his dogs nice beds so they have to borrow mine)

Kizzle pretending to be asleep just so she gets in on the act!

Pops in her squidgy bed

Niamh in her favourite armchair after the wicked little termite has worn her out!

Murphy in Kizzy's little bed. He's a twit!

I love seeing my dogs all cosy in their comfy beds, especially after a nice long walk!


  1. ha ha ha havent show you Todds birthday pressie yet have I talking about beds :0)

  2. What lovely photos and yes Murph is a twit!

    Lorna x