Friday, 16 November 2007

Popdate and other bits

Can't believe another week has flown by. I have no idea where the time goes.


On Monday I took Poppy back to Sara for a follow up treatment. She had some deeper manipulations on her back as she was not as sore as the previous week. Overall Sara was pleased with her progress and she's now on a get fit exercise regime. This week she's been on the lead for her walks and is coming back absolutely sound after long walks on lead. Next week she'll come off lead but only with Abbey on a quiet walk. Then we'll just gently ramp up the exercise level on a weekly basis. I won't bring her back into full agility training this year as I want to make sure the toe heals properly. I will start doing some simple low height jumping (at home) in about three weeks and take it from there.


We had a good training session on Tuesday with the puppies. We did a cross behind exercise which Kizzy did really well. We also did some box combinations and lots of contacts with Andy crossing behind the dog walk, stopping half way along it and some run bys.

I didn't have a dog to train with Poppy being out and I decided not to train Niamh as she had a bad tummy. I think she probably ate something horrible but she was passing blood so I decided to keep her home in the warm. I was going to take her to see Jim if it didn't clear by the following day. I put her on a course of Canikur and that did the trick as she seems to be fine now. She was not impressed being left behind on Tuesday evening - I think it's the first time she's had to miss training and she wasn't a happy bunny!

Lunch with an old friend

On Wednesday Sara Davies came for lunch. We haven't seen Sara for a while and she wanted to have a look at the new house. She'd been keeping up to date with our news via the blog and wanted to meet Kizzy in person. Sara currently has three dogs: Becky her lovely little collie who's 15.5 now (gosh it seems like a life time ago that Andy and Sara used to pack their little jumps and weave poles and trek up to the park to train Becky and Tina together each week!); Jazz her GSD and Poppy the boxer.

Sara was very impressed with Kizzy's elephant trick and wanted to see how we trained it. She watched Kizzy doing it and then watched Niamh who is still learning the trick so that was very helpful for her to see. She wants to teach Poppy to do the trick. Sara does clicker training and had taught Poppy to stand on a box as a puppy. We have set her a challenge; to train Poppy to do the Circus Elephant trick and be the first boxer on Johanna's "Be an Elephant" blog!

I did get an email from Sara saying she started training as soon as she got home from lunch! Watch this space!

Sara has decided that she wants a sheltie as she's fallen in love with the Kizzle!

Other bits

For some reason we've both been really tired this week and we slobbed out in front of the t.v. last night to catch up with some programmes we'd taped. I had taken the dogs on quite a late walk (we didn't get back until dark) and I was frozen, just couldn't get warm. The upside, I thought, would be be that they would crash for the evening. Well, they did ... except for one. The small pointed thing was quite tired after her walk (1.5 hours) and had a small sleep in her bed. Then I made the big mistake of giving her some dinner. The re-fuelling was very welcome and the ensuing energy surge took place as usual. Whilst the collies + Murf slobbed out in their beds the small and pointed one rampaged. Here she is while Andy is trying very hard to watch Top Gear.

Andy: "please can I watch Top Gear!" Kizzy: "yes but only through me!"

"Yes, I know I'm beautiful, even when I'm irritating people" (that's Kizzy, not Andy - well the bit about beautiful, not irritating as that applies to them both!!!)

Andy: "Oh, I give up, I'll stop watching Top Gear and kiss you instead"
Kizzy: "I should think so too, about time I got some proper attention around here"


  1. Seeing Kizzy I now know which bit of Tom the looking at you very closely and only needing power naps comes from.

  2. Oh and meant to say glad the Pops is doing so well.

  3. So glad to know Poppy is doing well, hopefully she can around without the lead soon.

  4. So pleased about Poppy, and what is that sheltie like !!! naughties and baddies I reckon :0)) (but very very cute) just dont tell her !

  5. Gr8 2 hear Poppy gettign better.
    Naughty Sheltie! roflol!

  6. Good to hear your Pops is on the mend now. Bless her.

    You know I think the tiredness things is becasue it is so dark and miserable. I think we should hibernate.....well slob out a lot and not do anything we don;t want until the sun comes back in the Spring...

  7. It was lovely to see you all.

    Our elephant trick is coming along SLOWLY. Boxers are not stupid, but they lack the drive and motivation of more traditional working breeds. She will follow me and the titbit round the box in one direction now, and we are working on getting the other direction. I think the final product may take some time!