Sunday, 11 November 2007

Nedlo Training

Yesterday morning we got up really early to pack Andy and Kizzy off to Hampshire. They were booked on a sheltie pup training session with Lesley.

They had a two hour session and Andy really enjoyed it. He said it gave him a real confidence boost both in terms of what he could do with Kizzy and the fact that she did her stuff in a new environment. Kizzy learned to use the wobble board (a large piece of ply which sits on a ball and moves about). It was easy to teach her using the clicker. She has never seen one before but very quickly was standing on it and then performing left and right turns. The idea of this is to teach them to have confidence in their balance ability. I think Andy, Karen and a few others are going to book another lesson together which they're looking forward to.

Andy reckons Lesley probably had a headache by the end of the session but that the experience would stand her in good stead for today when she has a total of sixteen shelties to train in two sessions! Ha ha, I think ear muffs might be required!

I took the others for a good long walk and then got back to some more leaf clearing. Oh joy!
Andy and Kizzy got home at about 3.00 pm. Kizzy was pretty tired although she still had her mad turn in the evening. Murphy is so good with her. He was stretched out on the sofa and Kizzy was just running over him, right across his head and body and he just lays there. She is a bad sheltie.

She is a little fire bug. Here are some pictures of her once she'd calmed down from her evening hysteria. She loves to bask.

"I'm so tired after all that training and running around on top of Murphy!"

"That's it, I'm rested; time to get up and look for more mischief ....."

"Maybe not; there's always tomorrow!"


  1. Sounds like Andy and Kizzy had a good day. Isn't it great when you see what they can do somewhere else.

  2. was good fun my ears have just started working again lol lol lol

  3. Lesley is the queee of armchair hanlding! She is my hero! Maybe if Andy takes more lessons with her we can get him to slow down and run like us! HAHAHAHA!