Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Kizzy's Training

Kizzy had a good training session last night. She has a new training toy which she loves. Karen bought it for her birthday. It's a little fluffy yellow duck on a rope.

I decided that we would do some work on cross behinds in the puppy class. We started off by using just one jump and placing the toy out and to the side we wanted the dogs to turn. The handler had to set off and send their dog over the jump, crossing behind and giving their directional command. We did this over one, two and three jumps and they all did it well on both sides. Then we added two jumps on either side of the run of three so that they had to take a jump to their toy. By the end of the session all three dogs were doing the exercise really well.

Then we did a sequence with two jumps and a tunnel. The handlers had to send their dogs over one jump and into the curved tunnel without running past the wing of the jump, i.e. so that the pups had to pick the tunnel up for themselves without the handlers running with them and take the second jump. I either threw or had their toys placed after the second jump. We did this exercise in both directions.

Lastly we did some contact work and Kizzy was wizzing over the dog walk to her target. We split up for contact work so that there are distractions going on with each dog working on a separate piece of equipment. All three concentrate on their own task without getting distracted which is helping to strengthen their behaviours.

On Saturday Andy is off to Lesely's for a sheltie pup training session. Karen and Amanda are also going but I'm not sure who else. I must make sure that Kizzy's little kit bag is packed with all the appropriate bits and pieces: a ton of sausage; duck on a rope; fleecey tug; raggy; target; clickers; training lead and finally make sure she's wearing the right collar! Oh and her handler of course! Will give a report on that event in due course!


  1. OMG not a whole class of shelties, think you may have to add ear defenders to the kit bag!!!

  2. Lesley will never cope with all that barking! Hope Kizzy enjoys her lesson but BOOHOO cause it means i have to train at home on Sunday. Have fun!!!!!!

  3. Can we have some videos of the training? It sounds very good and I would like to see and copy the idea to get Skye going.

  4. Bet they all have a gr8 time at Lesley's
    Well she's had to get use to Zen & Chi so i'm sure some puppy barks won't be that bad!!