Friday, 2 November 2007

Happy Birthday Kizzy

Happy Birthday to our little Kizzy - one year old today! Can't believe how the time has flown. Here is a picture of the birthday girl. Sadly a little out of coat as she's moulting like mad!

Kizzy sends love to her brother and sisters: Ozzie, Whizz and Zoe and remembers her little brother Zeus.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kizzy!

    And not to forget, Happy Birthday to Zoe, Whizz, Ozzy and still very much remembered Zeus!

    Hope your mum and dad spoil you all rotten!!

  2. Happy birthday kizzle, pressie on Sunday Toddster xxx

  3. Ha - P B'day Kizzie! Hope Ur humans give you cake :)
    lots of love Uncle Chi

  4. Happy Birthday Kizzy!!!! Lots of love from your extended family in Denmark - grandpa Monty, 1/2 brother One & daddy Tazz in the UK.