Tuesday, 20 November 2007

This and that

We had a very busy weekend. I did a couple of training days; one for Tenterden DTC and one for Polly. I don't normally do both days but had got a little muddled with my dates. I always find training days very tiring so wouldn't choose to do one straight after another. Anyway, they seemed to go well. On Saturday we were indoors which was nice as there was a bit of rain. On Sunday at Polly's we had a nice morning but sadly the rain started at lunch time and the whole afternoon session was done in the pouring rain. It was also very cold and I took a long time to warm up. I had my heated car seat on the maximum setting on the journey home which helped. The journey home was horrible as it was sleeting when I left Polly's and by the time I got to J8 on the M25 it had turned to huge snow flakes.

Unfortunately for a variety of reasons Andy couldn't come to the training session at Polly's, he was supposed to run Murphy and Kizzy. It was a shame as both classes were good fun. Instead Andy had a real bash at emptying more of the boxes in our attic room and having a massive tidy up. It was well worth the effort as we now have a nice spare room to use. We'll keep it like this until we summon the energy to do the upgrade to this room. We're going to almost double it in size and add an ensuite shower room. Right now we've both had enough building work!
Poppy is a very happy little bunny as she always used to sneak upstairs at our old house to snooze on our bed. She has been looking longingly at the stairs in the new house but because it was just a junk hole full of boxes we kept a gate across so she couldn't get up there. Now she sneaks off as you can see.

Bad Poppy on the bed!

Over the last few days we have had a first - Kizzy and Niamh have started to play together. Kizzy has always been keen but Niamh hasn't wanted to get involved. All of a sudden they are interacting and playing every evening. This is good as once Kizzy has worn Murphy out she turns to Niamh. They are actually playing really nicely. Here are some pictures of them together.

We're so pleased that they've started to play together. They are lovely to watch as it doesn't get rough, just really nice interaction. Some ugly faces from Niamh! Kizzy never bares her teeth she just sticks her pointed little nose into everything instead!


  1. glad that nsnn and the Kizzlet are playing how cute :0) and the room looks lovely now very different from how I last saw it ! mmm yes was really looking forward to your training on Sunday never mind at least I got to play for a while 0) and Todd missed seeing his little mate too.

  2. Blimey Andy! Your attic rome looks a bit different from when I saw it just over a week ago!