Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A trip down memory lane

In between bits and pieces in the office I've been trying to sort out some of the data on my pc. I've got so much rubbish on there it's untrue. Anyway, whilst going through this process I found a few old photos which I had forgotten all about, most of them were scanned in as they were pre-digital times!

Anyway, here are a few: some of dogs and some really old family pictures.

Bess & Lizzie - my two beautiful girls

They left us much too soon (Bess aged only 7 and Lizzie only 8) they were wonderful dogs and even now writing this it makes me cry to think of them. They were such firm friends and never had a cross word between them. Bess missed Lizzie terribly when she died. You can see from this photo just how like Bess my little Poppy is.

Bess in action at Olympia in 1991

You can see from the above photo that Bess had the same work ethic as Poppy. She was totally focused and very very quick. Bess was related to Mary Ray's lovely dog Dash (both from the Royale line) and Poppy is daughter of Dash so there was a connection.

How about the nice patches of brown on the red and yellow track suits. They were seriously uncool!

Poppy with Carrie Anna Hurst in 1997

She was about 12 weeks old there. Gradually her little white blaze disappeared. She was a very cute puppy. I think Carrie Anna was about nine or ten in this picture.

The next photos are taken some ten years later and are of Carrie Anna's little sister - Eliza (Ellie) Hurst. They are so alike!

Eliza Hurst

Ellie with our Becky, Poppy and Abbey at Eridge Forest. The dog between Poppy and Abbey is Ruby (the Hurst's collie) and she is Poppy's litter sister.

Crufts (can't remember which year, about 1996/7)
Back row:
Pepe Angliss (sadly no longer with us); Me and Abbey; Jo Rhodes & Kelbie; Lesley & Loobie and judge Jackie Brett.
Front row: Dennis McCaulay and Ned; Greg and Jaycee and Sarah-Jane and Kizzy.

Nanny & Grandad (my Dad's parents, sadly no longer with us)

Dad & Friends (Dad is in the middle of the picture)

This was taken in Carmarthenshire. Dad was evacuated there as a child during the war and returned many times over the years to visit friends.

Nanny as a young woman

Well, that was a nice little interlude down memory lane!


  1. Those pictures are lovely! Your really lucky to have them, its nice to have a trip down memory lane when your supposed to be having a clear out!!!

  2. I love those pictures. Thanks for posting :-)

  3. It is amazing that we used to have photos that we could pick up and touch! :-)

  4. Lovely pictures Nancy thank you for sharing them x

  5. Think the tracksuit is very fetching and thanks for sharing your memories, I love looking at people's photos.

  6. I love poppy's puppy picture! (she was/is so cute!!!!!)
    Leah x

  7. Lovely photos :)

    I remember watching CarrieAnna run at the Spillers Festival when she was so little everyone stopped to watch - I am not into little kids but she was so cute!

    Bess and Lizzie look lovely together - I think Bess and Fog are quite alike!

    Lorna x

  8. What a lovely picture of Bess & dear Lizzie. These were your doggy companions when I first joined Tunbridge Wells agility all those years ago and got to know you (gosh, even before you were with Andy!). Bess had such a strong eye, but what a competitor!