Monday, 25 February 2008

Kizzy - Sheep Herding

Well after my main post on this topic, here are some photos of Kizzy in action; courtesy of Lisa. She did show a little interest and looks cute in these photos, if not the greatest sheep dog in the world! Bless her little heart.

Strangely nobody took any photos of my dogs? I simply can't understand why that would be? I'm hurt to the core.


  1. Those sheep must be tiny they make her look quite big.

    Don't be too upset no one took photos after all they are only collies ;-)

  2. Glad to know Kizzy is small. She did show her interest on the sheep, if you give her another go, she may become a great sheepdog!

    If I have my camera, I will definitely take pictures for everyone, unfortunately we went un-prepared!! I wish someome took the pictures of my dogs too!