Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Long walk in the February sunshine

I took the dogs out this morning and decided we'd have a nice long walk as it was so lovely. We walked for well over two hours and consequently all is now very quiet in the world of hudsondoglets.

I didn't want to finish the walk and kept taking in an extra field here and there. Kizzy always manages to find a toy to play with be it a tennis ball, plastic bottle or one of Jean's dogs' frizbees that they lose on a regular basis! We always return them to Jean so that we can find them another day!

Today it was a plastic bottle which is probably her favourite "find".

Here are some pictures of our lovely walk.

A view of where we've come from, right up by the aeroplane hangars and the lovely house.
I like looking back and seeing where we've walked.

Naughty Niamh pursuing one of her favourite activities: digging for moles. It comes second only to eating bunny currants!

I couldn't see Niamh at one point and then spotted this little head above the grass!

Abbey munching on grass. She had a lovely time today and is really full of life at the moment!

Kizzle munching on bunny currants - one of her favourite things!

Little monster finds toys wherever she goes (another Molly-like trait of hers)

Off she goes on one of her loops showing off to the others with her new toy!

Look at me! I'm so cute!

We left home at 9.30 am this morning and got back home just before 12.00 pm. I did nip into the Co-op for some bits for lunch but that was all. It's a two minute drive from home to our walk so we were out for quite a while!


  1. lovely pictures Nancy bet NSNN had a ball ! glad her foot is better :0)

  2. Ah bless em, what is it about plastic bottles mine luv them too!

    Lorna x

  3. Mine like 'bunny currents' (love the name!) and plastic bottles too. With the latter, it seems to be the noise they like.
    Those fields you walk in look great, Nancy - no sheep. Do you have many deer over at Edenbridge? They are a big problem around Crowborough and Ashdown Forest, and we could potentially lose Jazz on a daily basis (bless her!?).