Monday, 11 February 2008

Leah & Murphy

This is some video I took from last week's training of Leah and Murphy. I've left the mistakes in so you can see how Leah worked through them and ended up with some really good stuff from him. She is so patient with him even though he's like a slippery eel at times! He's such a naturally talented dog and does some terrific stuff but he just gets too excited and his head explodes.

On Sunday Leah and Murphy are off to a training session with Dawn Weaver, a full report will follow next week! Look out Mid Downs! Hopefully Herbie will be back up and fit by then but Leah will also have her secret weapon.

Meantime, sit back and admire Leah's patience!


  1. Murphy looks good and Leah is so good with him. Loving all the courses your posting as well.

  2. OMG! Just like seeing Foggy ( Spooky's dad ).

  3. Murphy and Linkie are like two peas in a pod, so glad she's getting the chance to train a dog again I know she's been missing it.

  4. And I wouldn't take Johanna's commment on Foggy as a compliment! hahahaha

    He is such a lovely dog and Murphy does look like a slippery eel! I love him but those start lines would drive me batty!

  5. Leah will be mortified. Those were fantastic start lines. Wait until Mid Downs to see usual service! Sorry Leah, I'm sure you'll have them "pinned" by then!

  6. They just look right together :0) well done Leah he is far from easy a slippery eel is an excellant description lol lol lol

  7. So do i have a fight on my hands to get near Murphy now, eh? eh? :)
    They do make a good team tho.....