Monday, 4 February 2008

Pictures from today's walk

Here are some pictures from today's walk. I know they're not very good but I'm pleased that they show some action. My subjects are too distant in most of them but then I never was a photographer. Compared with my mobile they're great and hopefully I'll get more proficient with time!

I think you can click on each photo to see them bigger and that way they look reasonable and it seems like I'm a slightly better photographer! Yeah, right!

I'm having that plastic bottle off you!

I'm coming to get you!

I've got the lump of wood and you ain't having it. In the foreground: Becks "I'll just pose"

Naughty Niamh doing an impression of Buckaroo!

I'll head her off at the pass!

I'm coming at ya!

Get back here and give me that plastic bottle, damn collie!

Kizzy and Poppy in pursuit of Niamh - they've got no chance of catching her when she moves into top gear.

Hhmm, who shall I bug now?

Naughty Niamh doing her sheepdog impression (getting some practise, I hope!)

Out the way; sheltie coming through! Background: prick eared Murphy!

Wait for me!

Let's race!

Bringing up the rear - my little Abbey!

Little tri bottom! So cute!

Poppy looks like a little rider-less racehorse in this shot!


  1. Lovely action photos, it is always nice to see the dogs play together and to race each other.