Thursday, 14 February 2008

Gorgeous Weather

The last couple of days were so lovely that I didn't want to finish my walks and come home (back to the office and work!)

The dogs really seem to enjoy the warmer weather, certainly Abbey seems happier. I think I've mentioned that I walk through fields with mown flight paths. Well yesterday we were up at the farm when one of the little aeroplanes was getting ready for an outing. We watched it prepare and then taxi down to one of the runways and take off. I love seeing this. Their flightpath goes right over our house so we often see them when we're doing stuff in the garden. There are two little aeroplanes a blue one (pictured below) and a blue and white one plus a couple of microlights. There is a syndicate of fliers who own the planes and rent the huge barn from the farm where they are kept. They also pay to have use of the fields for taxiways and runways. It's good because apart from some arable farming there is never any stock on this side of the river.

As we approach the farm each day we get a lovely view of the house of my dreams. This is the huge farmhouse that rents the buildings and land to the fliers. It's a stunning property. I like studying all the different chimneys and shapes to the house.

My dream house!

The little blue aeroplane

Just after take off and heading towards our house!

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  1. I am glad that you love that house and now we can all play swaps you can have that one I can have yours ........................ :0) he he he